Student Spotlight: Zoe Oliveras, Veterinary Science

Zoe Oliveras, Veterinary Science StudentEastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) is excited to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month by recognizing the achievements and contributions of Hispanic American students who have inspired others and achieved great success in their programs. We are pleased to feature Veterinary Science and Upper Dublin High School senior, Zoe Oliveras. At EASTERN’s June 2021 Awards Night, Zoe was honored with the Straight A Award. Zoe is not only a straight-A student in her Veterinary Science program, but she is also a leader in her class.

Zoe is pleased to be part of our National Hispanic Heritage Month celebration and is proud to be part of the EASTERN Veterinary Science program. To Zoe, her heritage is simply who she is, every day. She has a unique background of Eastern European and Puerto Rican. Zoe’s great grandparents moved to the Bronx, New York, from Puerto Rico when her grandmother was a child. Many of her cousins still live in Puerto Rico. She feels close to her family in Puerto Rico when she spends time with her grandmother, who Zoe describes as a shining example of Hispanic pride. Her grandmother is a nurse, so they also share a desire to care for others.

Zoe’s career plans include caring for animals. Zoe grew up in a family that loves animals, and currently has four dogs and two cats. As a child, she loved to watch animal shows on PBS. Her biggest struggle has been deciding whether to study land or sea animals in college. Ultimately, she has decided to pursue a degree in Marine Science and will be applying to eight schools. Her career goals are to be part of a research team that studies sharks. Currently, Zoe works part-time as a Kennel Assistant at North Penn Animal Hospital in Lansdale and is a Teen Volunteer Ambassador for the Philadelphia Zoo’s Conservation & Education Department.

“It was an unexpected honor to be selected as a student spotlight for National Hispanic Heritage month,” said Zoe. “I work hard in the Veterinary Science program because I love animals. I hope to be part of a solution that protects sharks, as they are so important to a healthy ocean ecosystem. I appreciate everything that I have learned and continue to experience in the Veterinary Science program. I am proud of the person it is helping me to become.”

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