Xtime University Access for Automotive Tech Students

Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) Automotive Technology students will now benefit from Xtime University, which was designed to offer automotive training and certification courses to help car dealership personnel learn more about the Xtime platform, which teaches how dealership service departments schedule, document, and enhance vehicle services.

Kevin Rogers, General Manager of Faulkner Infiniti of Willow Grove, is a member of EASTERN’s Automotive Technology Occupational Advisory Committee. It was Rogers who decided that it was worth asking Xtime to grant EASTERN access to the full program for educational purposes, which also includes full training modules on Xtime University.

Faulkner Infiniti is also an EASTERN Co-op partner, providing paid internships to selected Automotive Technology seniors. Faulkner Infiniti currently uses Xtime as part of their internal training program. Access to Xtime’s training modules provides Automotive Technology students a look at the innerworkings of the business and customer service areas within a dealership service department.

“I am grateful to have Occupational Advisory Committee members that go the extra mile in making our program even more beneficial for our students,” said George Stahl, EASTERN’s Automotive Technology Instructor. “In addition to learning the technical skills necessary in the automotive field, the Xtime program will provide insight for my students on another, very crucial, part of the industry – scheduling, proper documentation, and how to communicate additional services to clients. And thanks to Kevin Rogers, this is free to EASTERN students.”

Fast cars…great jobs! Automotive is a complex and technology-driven industry that is constantly changing. This two-year career program is designed for the student who is serious about working in the automotive industry. For more information on Automotive Technology at EASTERN, please visit https://www.eastech.org/eastern-programs/aut/.

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