World of Construction Bridges HVAC, Electrical, and Construction

The Summer Fun, World of Construction class at Eastern Center for Arts and Technology WorldOfConstruction2(EASTERN) in Willow Grove just completed their summer session. The program ran from June 29 to July 17. Students in the World of Construction Summer Fun program learn Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), electrical, and construction. It is important for them to understand all three. A lot of students have trouble deciding between the three, so this course is a great alternative to only choosing one. The World of
Construction student leaves the class with a lot of foundational experience.

The World of Construction program is very rigorous since the course covers HVAC, electrical, and construction. Students have to apply themselves and learn how to solder, work with PVC and sheet metal, cut wood, and nail. The final project involves building a small wall and installing plumbing. This exercise tests their ability in all three subject areas.

WorldOfConstruction1Brian Jacoby has been teaching the World of Construction program for middle school students for five years along with the HVAC program for high school students for seven years.

“I enjoy seeing students step outside of their comfort zone in the World of Construction class,” said Jacoby. “Learning to solder and work with building materials can be intimidating, but once they get through the second week, the students really excel.”

Through EASTERN’s Summer Fun program, students get the opportunity to work with the latest technologies while having fun and learning new things. EASTERN has been offering this summer enrichment opportunity for middle school students for more than 25 years. Other programs offered included Auto Mechanics & Collision Repair, Computer Art and Digital Photography, Pastry Boss, Junior Chef, Crime Scene Investigation, Drawing and Painting, Fun with Fashion, Looking Good, and Video Game Programming.

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