Veterinary Science Student Uses Skills to Help Friends

Greg Destefano, Veterinary Science student.Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) Veterinary Science/Abington Senior High School senior, Greg Destefano, is currently enjoying working part-time at Hamilton Animal Hospital in Roslyn while working virtually through his first semester at EASTERN and Abington Senior High School. Although Greg is busy with school and work, he still makes time for what he finds most rewarding – helping others with their pets.

Greg Destefano, Veterinary Science student.

Greg chose Veterinary Science at EASTERN because of his love for animals. After visiting EASTERN through Abington’s 10th grade visit, he felt as though the program fell in line with his future plans – which he was confident would include animal care. Greg maintains excellent grades in Veterinary Science and has been selected as a team leader by his EASTERN Veterinary Science Instructor, Karen McGeehan. Mrs. McGeehan has also nominated Greg to interview for Student of the Month later in October.

At Hamilton Animal Hospital, Greg calls the pet owners to document the pet symptoms, brings the animal inside, and restrains it for the doctor. Once the doctor has completed the examination, Greg gets the medication ready to go home with the client. He also cleans exam rooms following appointments and runs in-house diagnostics.

With so many grooming clinics closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, Greg offered his nail clipping services to his friends for their pets. This gave Greg a chance to use his knowledge of how to properly work under the pandemic guidelines, and practice proper clipping using the techniques he learned at EASTERN.

“It feels good to be able to assist others by using grooming skills that I acquired through EASTERN,” said Greg. “Helping animals is what I want to do for a living. If I can also help out a friend by helping their pet get their nails clipped, I am happy to do it. Pets can help make this difficult time a bit calmer for their owners.”

Veterinary Science provides the opportunity to prepare for careers in the animal care industry and will provide students with a working knowledge of small animal industries. In this two-year half-day program, students learn to support veterinarians by aiding during animal examinations; treatment administration and monitoring; managing animal and related health record information; and how to perform a range of selected practice-related duties. To learn more about Veterinary Science at EASTERN, please visit

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