EASTERN’s Crime Scene Investigation Students Get CPR Certified

The Summer Fun, Crime Scene Investigation class at Eastern Center for Arts and CPRCert1Technology (EASTERN) in Willow Grove finished up two days of CPR training on July 1, 2015. All 13 students passed the certification, provided by Officer Sean P. Mackey, a patrolman for the University of Pennsylvania K9 Unit, assisted by their Crime Scene Investigation instructor, Officer Dave Parke, a patrolman for Septa’s K9 Unit. Students in the Crime Scene Investigation program are in grades 6 through 9 from local middle schools.
Officer Parke wanted to offer his students something more than just a fun and educational experience to take with them when they complete the summer program on July 17. He contacted his friend, Officer Mackey, who is a certified CPR instructor and asked him to assist.
“I was truly impressed with the level of maturity and dedication that these students displayed during the training,” said Officer Parke. “CPR training is both theory and hands-on, and they all did an amazing job with both portions.”
CPRCert2Through EASTERN’s Summer Fun program, students get the opportunity to work with the latest technologies while having fun and learning new things. EASTERN has been offering this summer enrichment opportunity for middle school students for more than 25 years. Other programs offered included Auto Mechanics & Collision Repair, Computer Art and Digital Photography, Drawing and Painting, Junior Chef, Looking Good, Pastry Boss, Video Game Programming, and World of Construction.

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