EASTERN Protective Services Students Design Corrections Facility

Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) Protective Services students, as part of their curriculum, learn about the history and function of Corrections in the Justice System. Last week, they were assigned a team project in which they designed a corrections facility based on a set of specific criteria. They submitted a written paper on the assignment and also presented their project to their peers.

The students had to decide on many factors before the design process could take place, including the size of the facility and security layout, commissary, visitation, inmate rules, managing and handling disturbances, transportation of inmates to court, and processing releases.


“I am proud of my students’ efforts on this project,” said Mark Zaslavsky, EASTERN’s Protective Services Instructor. “They made great use of space and made decisions based on what they have learned about corrections during the school year.”

Protective Services at EASTERN is a multi-disciplined program developed in consultation with a countywide advisory committee of law enforcement, fire science, security professionals and post-secondary institutions. Curriculum includes foundations in firefighting, security, emergency medicine, and corrections. To learn more, please visit www.eastech.org/eastern-programs/prt.

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