EASTERN Student Spotlight: Rowan Klotzbach, Veterinary Science

Veterinary Sciences instructor Karen McGeehan on left, with her student Rowan Klotzbach.

(left to right) Karen McGeehan and Rowan Klotzbach.

Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) Veterinary Science/Hatboro-Horsham High School junior, Rowan Klotzbach, is getting a head start on her career as a veterinarian while still in high
school. Having a life-long love for animals, she decided to take advantage of this unique opportunity to explore all areas of the animal care field.

While in middle school, Rowan attended three of EASTERN’s Summer Fun programs: Cooking and Baking, Looking Good, and Automotive and Collision. During her final year of Summer Fun, she was given a tour of the school and saw the Landscape Contracting program greenhouse being renovated to
house animals for the upcoming Veterinary Science program. When she attended the 10th Grade Career Expo at Hatboro-Horsham, she found that the facility was complete, and she enrolled.

Rowan’s love for animals stems from visiting her grandfather’s 1,200-acre dairy farm as a child. During her family visits to the farm, her dad would show her how sweet and docile large animals can be, such as cows and sheep. Although the Veterinary Science program at EASTERN mainly focuses on small animals, it gives her a chance to work with cats and dogs regularly while learning the science involved in the field.

“We cover all the basics of animal care,” said Rowan. “The Veterinary Science program is very hands-on and this type of learning is not available at your high school. All the programs at EASTERN are very realistic to working in the industry. When you graduate from an EASTERN program, you not only receive your high school diploma, but also an EASTERN Certificate of Completion and Student Warranty – guaranteeing the skills that you learn.”

Rowan is currently exploring her college options to continue her animal science education. Ultimately, she would like to work on an Army base as a veterinarian and work with large animals.

Veterinary Science provides the opportunity to pursue a career in the animal care industry. In this two-year half-day program, students will learn to support veterinarians by aiding during animal examinations; treatment administration and monitoring; managing animal and related health record information; and how to perform a range of selected practice-related duties.

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