EASTERN Student Spotlight: Rachel Brodsky, Culinary Arts

Rachel Brodsky, EASTERN Culinary Arts student wearing her chef's uniform. Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) Culinary Arts/Lower Moreland High School senior, Rachel Brodsky, is known in her class for her exceptional French Macaron recipe and was even called upon by her Culinary Arts Instructors to make them as an appreciation gift for Congresswoman Madeleine Dean and Congressman Andy Levin during their recent visit to EASTERN.

Rachel’s love of baking began several years before she enrolled in the Culinary Arts program at EASTERN. Her mother attempted French Macarons several years ago but felt defeated by the difficulty of the recipe. Never one to turn away from a challenge, Rachel began her own attempts at the dessert. She is still working to improve upon her recipe but is known for her outstanding French Macarons and makes them regularly as teacher gifts.

Rachel, who consistently excels in her Culinary Arts program, was honored with the Straight A Award at EASTERN’S Awards Night ceremony in May 2019. During her free time, she enjoys baking and experimenting with different desserts. She particularly enjoys the creativity and structure offered by baking. She cites cake decoration and creating a new dessert or flavor combination as the creative aspect of the process. The structure is offered by the actual process of baking, encompassing everything from the ingredients, to the order in which they are combined, to the optimal baking time and temperature. She is not only learning more about her craft in her Culinary Arts program, but also works part-time in the bakery at Giant Food Stores.

Rachel also volunteers for all EASTERN events requiring Culinary Arts assistance, such as the Advisory Appreciation Brunch.

“I am grateful for the opportunity be recognized at EASTERN for something I enjoy – baking,” said Rachel. “Baking has shown me the need for perseverance. There are times when I will have to try over and over, use different methods, experiment with a variety of approaches, and even then, it may not be what I had envisioned. So, I try again.”

After Rachel graduates from Lower Moreland High School and EASTERN’s Culinary Arts program, she plans to pursue postsecondary education. As an honor roll student both at Lower Moreland High School and EASTERN, Rachel’s options are boundless.

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