School Climate, Student Success, Student Life & Services Team


Assess the documentation and practices of EASTERN’s School Climate, Student Success, and Student Life and Services processes in order to develop a list of strengths and weaknesses for the Current Reality Report.


The School Climate, Student Success, Student Life and Services Team is one of 4 Internal Scanning Teams looking at the Middle States Career and Technical School Standards for Accreditation and the PDE Comprehensive Planning Tool to develop the Current Reality Report.

Expected Outcomes:

Develop a list of 3-5 strengths and 3-5 weaknesses, with a short description of each, which will explain why they are important to the Current Reality Report.


  • Nicole Mohrey (Team Leader)
  • Ferne Andre (Team Facilitator)
  • Eileen Collins
  • Gary Devine
  • Irene Dickinson
  • Linda Kalita
  • Amy Mednick
  • Cori Sansalone
  • Joni Seth