Strategic Plan 2015-2021

Comprehensive Planning 2015-2021

EASTERN serves a diverse group of constituencies, including nine independent school districts, hundreds of employers distributed among almost 20 different career clusters, a significant number of postsecondary educational institutions through our articulation agreements, various industrial and governmental certification and licensure groups, and residents and employees of Eastern Montgomery County. To insure EASTERN’s responsiveness to the needs of each of these groups and to balance the allocation of scarce resources, EASTERN has structured a comprehensive planning process involving all of these constituencies. In addition to their involvement in the decision-making process, the planning process provides ongoing feedback and communications to them regarding our accomplishments on the goals that have been established.

The planning process developed by EASTERN carefully integrates the requirements, needs and perspectives of a number of plans required of EASTERN including the state-mandated Comprehensive Plan, Middle States Accreditation for Growth Plan, Technology Plan and Professional Development/Induction Plan. In addition EASTERN’s planning process addresses its education offerings and budgeting under this single unified planning process.

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