Steering Committee 2008-2014

The Strategic Plan Steering Committee is a team appointed by the Joint Committee to plan, coordinate and oversee EASTERN’s strategic planning efforts. It brings together leaders of EASTERN’s three policy-making groups – the Joint Committee, Administrative Advisory Committee (Superintendents), and Executive Advisory Committee.

It also included an external consultant and EASTERN’s Director. The Committee is responsible for identifying appropriate participants for all strategic planning activities, identifying review and planning processes to be used, and recommending reports, recommendations and the Strategic Plan to the Joint Committee for consideration.

External Members:

  • Robert Morrison – Cheltenham SD Board Member and EASTERN Joint Committee Member
  • William Lotz – EASTERN Executive Advisory Committee Chairperson
  • Dr. Roseann Nyiri – Springfield SD Superintendent and EASTERN Superintendent of Record
  • Rick Walsh – R. T. Walsh Associates, External Strategic Planning Facilitator

Internal Members:

  • Dr. Joseph Colaneri – Director
  • Tom Allen – Assistant Director
  • Kevin Reilly – Assistant Principal