Results Category

The Results Category provides a results focus that encompasses your students’ learning; student and stakeholder satisfaction; your overall budgetary, financial, and market performance; your performance in creating a positive, productive, learning-centered, and supportive work environment; your leadership system and social responsibility; and results of all key processes and process improvement activities.

Through this focus, the criteria’s purposes—superior value of offerings as viewed by your students, stakeholders, and markets; superior organizational performance as reflected in your operational, human resource, legal, ethical, and financial indicators; and organizational and personal learning—are maintained.

This category thus provides “real-time” information (measures of progress) for evaluation and improvement of educational programs, offerings, and services and the organization’s processes, in alignment with your overall organizational strategy.

Item 4.1 calls for analysis and review of organizational performance results data and information to determine your overall organizational performance and set priorities for improvement.

Results Category Members

Members: District: Business/Industry:
James Hessinger (TL) OAC – ETS
Karon Crickmore (IC) EASTERN
Art Levinowitz Upper Dublin
Robert Milrod Upper Moreland
Robert Burt Abington
Robert Illuminati Cheltenham
Thomas Pivnichny Temple University
Don Horsfall OAC – International Technical Communications
Lisa Rovner EASTERN
Kelly Meissner Student – UMHS