Process Management Category

Process Management is the focal point within the Education Criteria for all key processes. Built into the Category are the central requirements for efficient and effective process management: effective education design and delivery; a focus on student learning; linkage to students, stakeholders, suppliers, partners, and collaborators and a focus on learning-centered processes that create value for students and other key stakeholders; budgetary and financial performance; and evaluation, continuous improvement, and organizational learning.

As appropriate to an organization’s mission, key support processes might include conducting research and providing outreach or service to key communities. Agility, operational efficiencies tied to changes in revenue, and cycle time reduction are increasingly important in all aspects of process management and organizational design. In the simplest terms, “agility” refers to your ability to adapt quickly, flexibly, and effectively to changing requirements.

Depending on the nature of your organization’s strategy and markets, agility might mean rapid change from a particular course offering to another, rapid response to changing demands, or the ability to produce a wide range of customized services. Agility also increasingly involves decisions to outsource, agreements with key suppliers, and novel partnering arrangements. Flexibility might demand special strategies, such as implementing unique curricula; sharing facilities, faculty, and staff; and providing specialized training.

Operational efficiencies tied to changes in revenue and cycle time reduction often involve agile process management strategies. It is crucial to utilize key measures for tracking all aspects of your overall process management.

Process Management Category Members

Members:  District: Business/Industry:
Irene Bender (TL) Springfield
Joel Marucheck (IC) EASTERN
Richard Schaphorst Jenkintown
George Marin OAC – Data Tech Solutions
Maureen Neyhart Springfield
David DeVido Upper Moreland
Carol Ann Casciato OAC – International Technical Communications
Stephen Seu EASTERN
Ellen Ainge EASTERN
Helen McIntyre Student – JEHS Culinary Arts – PM Session