Measurement, Analysis, & Knowledge Management Category

Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management is the main point within the criteria for all key information about effectively measuring, analyzing, and reviewing performance and managing organizational knowledge to drive improvement in student and operational performance.

In the simplest terms, this category is the “brain center” for the alignment of your organization’s programs and offerings with its strategic objectives.

Central to such use of data and information are their quality and availability. The category addresses knowledge management and all basic performance-related information and comparative information, as well as how such information is analyzed and used to optimize organizational performance.

Measurement, Analysis & Knowledge Management Members

Members: District: Business/Industry:
Curtis Griffin (TL) Hatboro-Horsham
Joel Giardine (IC) EASTERN
Joseph Roy Springfield
Ernest Johnson Abington
Kathleen Wilson EASTERN
Patricia Kilmartin EASTERN
Kyle Bentley Student-ABHS Electronics-PM Session
Mrs. Mary Schrope Parent-Leah