Student, Stakeholder, and Market Focus Category

Student, Stakeholder, and Market Focus addresses how your organization seeks to understand your current and future students and stakeholders and your markets, with a focus on meeting students’ and stakeholders’ requirements, needs, and expectations; delighting students and stakeholders; and building loyalty.

The category stresses relationships as an important part of an overall listening, learning, and performance excellence strategy. Although many of the needs of stakeholders must be translated into educational services for students, the stakeholders themselves have needs that organizations also must accommodate. A key challenge frequently may be to balance differing needs and expectations of students and stakeholders.

Your student and stakeholder satisfaction and dissatisfaction results provide vital information for understanding your students, stakeholders, and markets.

In many cases, such results and trends provide the most meaningful information, not only on your students’ and stakeholders’ views but also on their actions and behaviors—student persistence and positive referrals—and how these views and behaviors may contribute to the sustainability of your organization in the education community.

Student, Stakeholder & Market Focus Category Members

Members: District: Business/Industry:
Mark Pellico (TL) Abington
Tess Eichenberger (IC) EASTERN
Arch Jenkins (IC) EASTERN
Linda Heiberger EASTERN
Robert Mallon OAC
Melissa Levin Springfield
Noreen McDonnell