Leadership Category

Leadership addresses how your senior leaders guide and sustain your organization, setting organizational vision, values, and performance expectations.
Attention is given to how your senior leaders communicate with faculty and staff, develop future leaders, and create a learning environment that encourages ethical behavior and high performance.
The category also includes your organization’s governance system, its legal and ethical responsibilities to the public, and how your organization supports its community.

Leadership Category Members:

Members: District: Business/Industry:
Denise Lavery Frasca (TL) Jeanes Hospital
Gary Albert (IC) EASTERN
Amy Sichel Abington
Patricia Canning EASTERN
Emily Greenberg Cheltenham
Melanie Rodgers Temple University
Mr. William Schrope Parent-Leah
James Rall EASTERN
Leah Schrope Student-UMHS Commercial Art-AM Session
Diane Worthington Parent – Miran