Faculty and Staff Focus

Faculty and Staff Focus addresses key human resource practices—those directed toward creating and maintaining a high-performance workplace with a strong focus on students and learning and toward developing faculty and staff to enable them and your organization to adapt to change.

The category covers faculty and staff development and management requirements in an integrated way (i.e., aligned with your organization’s strategic objectives and action plans). Your faculty and staff focus includes your work environment and your faculty and staff support climate.

To reinforce the basic alignment of workforce management with overall strategy, the criteria also cover human resource planning as part of overall planning in the Strategic Planning Category (Team 2).

Faculty and Staff Focus Category Members

Members:  District: Business/Industry:
Charles Rittenhouse (TL) Upper Dublin
Walter Kenney (IC) EASTERN
Hilary Holloway Springfield
Blaine Forkell OAC – Wegmans
Rich Marta Lower Moreland
Wendy Leyden  EASTERN
Joshua Zatzman Student – CHHS CNA – AM Session