Business Involvement in Program Quality


Engage local business to ensure the availability of quality programs that meet their needs and the interest of students.

  • Refine the process to ensure the success of each career program offered at EASTERN.
  • Implement a process to identify potential new offerings for EASTERN based on the real needs of local business.
  • Engage local business to supplement the educational opportunities available to students.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of EASTERN’s business advisory committees.


Don Horsfall – OAC EASTERN – Team Leader
Linda Kalita – Teacher, EASTERN – IC
Anthony Garofalo – Teacher, EASTERN
John McDonald – Teacher, EASTERN
Janet Dicenzo – WIB Board – Other
Mike Quiring – OAC – Other
Jim Doherty – EAC – Other
Richard Morris – Sales Manager – Royal Electric Supply Company
Joe Sauers – OAC – Other
William Lotz – EAC – Other