Student Spotlight: Sarah Brodsky, Commercial Art

Sarah Brodsky, Commercial Art student.Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) Commercial Art and Lower Moreland High School junior, Sarah Brodsky, was asked by Lower Moreland Library and Media Specialist, Mr. Patrick Engleman to create a mural in the Lower Moreland High School Library that would help inspire school spirit. She chose the slogan, “Fall into the world of Lower Moreland” for the theme of her mural.

Sarah Brodsky working on painting her mural on the wall at Lower Moreland High School.

Prior to attending EASTERN, Sarah was already familiar with the programs offered to 11th and 12th grade students. Her sister, Rachel, a 2020 graduate, was very successful in EASTERN’s Culinary Arts program. Knowing that Sarah wanted to learn more about careers in the art field, she found Commercial Art to be the right program for her.

At Lower Moreland High School, she was already known for her love of art, as she excelled in AP Studio Art while in 10th grade, and Honors Art while in 9th grade. The mural project plan first began early in 2020. Sarah was thinking of a small, subtle design since she had a large school workload. When the pandemic began, the mural plan changed drastically in many aspects, such as size, font, and color. The extra time spent at home gave her more time to think about and create a more intricate design. In speaking to Mr. Engleman about the larger, more ornate design, he encouraged her to be as creative as possible.


Sarah Brodsky's completed mural at Lower Moreland High School.

Sarah began the Commercial Art program in September of 2020. In March 2021, with the help of EASTERN’s Commercial Art Instructor, Nicole Mohrey, she had a projector and supplies needed to start the mural. She completed the final touches this month, and is very pleased with the final product, as is the administrative team at Lower Moreland, and Mrs. Mohrey, EASTERN’s Commercial Art Instructor.

Close-up of the mural painted by Sarah Brodsky at Lower Moreland High School.


“Mrs. Mohrey was there for me along the way,” said Sarah. “She would provide honest feedback, give me advice, and even provided me with all of the art supplies I needed for the mural. I also appreciated Mr. Engleman patience, and I felt no time pressure. This was an exciting new project that I am very proud of.”

After graduating from EASTERN and Lower Moreland High School in 2022, Sarah hopes to get an internship at a design or marketing company or attend college for engineering. Ultimately, she is interested in becoming an aerospace or prosthetics engineer – allowing her the enjoyment of both the STEM and design worlds.

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