EASTERN Adult Education Instructor Spotlight: Rob Quinn, Welding

Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) Continuing Education Welding Instructor, Rob Quinn, goes above and beyond in the education and training of his welding students. He begins each session by speaking one-on-one with each student, so he can learn what they want to get out of the class and strives to get them the quality welding education they are seeking.

Recently, Quinn found that many of his students were using this training to launch into new careers, so he thought local company visits would be a good start in connecting students with employers. He reached out to several establishments that he had worked with and coordinated the visits all for the same night instead of reporting to EASTERN. One of the companies ended up hiring two of his students.

After high school, Quinn was working in a job that was going nowhere. He got the opportunity to fill in short term at a local company’s machine shop. He truly enjoyed the work, and ended up getting hired long-term, while becoming increasingly interested in metalworking. He decided to take a machining class at EASTERN, and then took the “Intro to Welding” course that he now teaches. His experience in the field included a lot of training with industry experts. As his welding at work improved, he started taking certification tests and now holds multiple certifications for different processes and materials.

“I’m a huge fan of job training, so I teach the processes that are most commonly used in the industry. My main job involves a lot of work with local shops, so I know what they are looking for in new welders. The intro to welding class gives students the opportunity to learn Stick, MIG, and TIG welding, as well as plasma cutting,” said Quinn. “This gives them exposure and practice with the welding processes and equipment that local shops are currently using. It’s a great benefit for my students to have experience with the exact processes that potential employers are using in their shops today. Welders get to use high-tech tools, in nice shops, building really interesting parts.”

For more information on EASTERN’s Continuing Education program, please contact Anne Marie Brahan, Continuing Education Administrative Assistant, at 215-784-4802.

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