Reopening Update 03-05-2021

Posted Mar 5, 2021EASTERN Cares Logo Color

Dear EASTERN Parents,

Next week, we will be asking the Joint Operating Committee (our school board) to approve EASTERN to operate in one of the following two models, effective April 6th:

  1. All students attend EASTERN 4 days per week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)
    1. Option for students to continue to choose 100% virtual
    2. Wednesdays continue to be virtual days.
  2. Seniors Only attend EASTERN 4 days per week
    1. Juniors continue with hybrid model
    2. Option for students to continue to choose 100% virtual

*Wednesdays continue to be virtual days for all students

To make a decision that maximizes instructional time for students while maintaining safety, we are asking our parents to commit their student(s) to one of the following options: attending in-person 4 days per week or participating in 100% virtual model. 

When we receive the survey data, we will evaluate participation levels against our program capacities to decide which option will work best. We need every parent to complete the following survey by next Friday, March 12th.

Click here for the survey:

If you select in-person instruction, you’ll be directed to provide transportation needs so we can communicate that back to the district.

Please be aware that having our students back 4 days per week does not guarantee 4 days of hands-on learning in the labs as some of our programs are unable to accommodate their full enrollment in the lab areas while still maintaining 6 feet of social distancing.  In these programs, students will rotate through the lab area and the theory room, where they may be completing assignments online.  This choice does, however, provide our students with more hands-on learning than they would be receiving now in our hybrid model.

We will communicate a decision on the model we will implementing by Friday March 19th.

This has been a tremendously challenging year and on behalf of our staff at EASTERN, I would like to thank all our parents and students for their patience and support during these unprecedented times.

Cathleen Plesnarski
Executive Director