Protective Services Students Participate in Training Exercises

On November 9, 2018, Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) Protective Services students received specialized instruction on Bleeding Control and Active Shooter training at the Abington Public Safety Training facility from professionals in the field. EASTERN’s Protective Services Instructor, Mark Zaslavsky, worked with Ken Davidson, Assistant Chief for the Montgomery County Second Alarmer’s and Rescue Squad/Occupational Advisory Committee member for EASTERN’s Protective Services program, to make this opportunity available to the students. The Abington Police Department supported the exercises with the evaluators, role players and tactical equipment.
Protective Services students receive instruction for scenario-based training.

The students ran through scenarios on proper procedures in various emergency situations. These situations included an officer down, simulated tactical self-aid, buddy aid, and self-aid under fire. Students reviewed emergency medical equipment commonly used in the field and received a demonstration on the use of drones with video capabilities for perimeter monitoring.
Protective Services students receive instruction for scenario-based training.

“EASTERN’s partnership with local law enforcement and emergency service departments greatly enhance the educational experience for the students,” said Mark Zaslavsky, EASTERN Protective Services Instructor. “Theory is important, but real-world application of classroom learning is crucial to preparing our students for careers in the protective services field. This type of scenario-based training enhances the abilities and skills required for quick decision making in emergency situations.”

Protective Services at EASTERN is a multi-disciplined program developed in consultation with a countywide advisory committee of law enforcement, fire science, security professionals and post-secondary institutions. Curriculum includes foundations in firefighting, security, emergency medicine, and corrections. To learn more, please visit

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