Black History Month Alumni Spotlight: Maurice Massey, Electronics Engineering

FebMaurice Massey, Electronics Engineering Technology Graduateruary is Black History Month. EASTERN is extremely proud of our Black Alum and we are celebrating by focusing on our successful grads throughout the month. Maurice Massey, a 2004 EASTERN Electronics Engineering Technology/Springfield Township High School graduate, is enjoying a successful career as Vice President of the Implementation Services division at CenTrak, a wireless automated location monitoring and environmental monitoring solution for the healthcare industry. The CenTrak system works using various IR/Wi-Fi devices, and records data to build a real-time interface for medical staff and patient workflow. Currently, they are supporting many hospitals across the US with COVID-19 vaccination monitoring. Massey credits his career training at EASTERN for providing him with the skills to succeed in this exciting field.

Growing up, Massey was always opening his gaming systems to see how they worked. He knew he learned best working in a hands-on environment. When he was in 10th grade, he learned about the half-day career and technical programs at EASTERN. He chose Electronics Engineering Technology. He excelled immediately in the class and knew he found his niche. During his time at EASTERN, he also discovered his leadership qualities and served as Class President for SkillsUSA, EASTERN’s student leadership organization, for two years.

After graduating from EASTERN and Springfield Township High School, he enrolled in classes at Temple University and immediately got a job with a security company in electronic board repair and installation. After two years, he decided to take a break from school and focus on getting established in a job where he could best use his electronic technician skills. In 2009, he was hired by a large industrial automation company where he was able to apply everything he learned at EASTERN, such as replacing electronic components, and building programmable logic controllers. He also found that he had a gift for teaching engineers how to fix electronic equipment. He was promoted many times over the years, and was ultimately their Managing Director, opening company locations abroad. He recently changed industries to health care solutions and began working at CenTrak as a Project Manager in 2019, Director of Project Management by 2020, and has recently been promoted to Vice President of the Implementation Services division.

“Between the skills I learned in Mr. Dixon’s class at EASTERN and my work experiences, I was always able to find work in the electronics and automation field,” said Massey. “My advice to any potential EASTERN student is to take advantage of the advanced education offering and take it seriously. The skills you learn at EASTERN alone can help you during your career. Focus, take it seriously, and be accountable.”

Electronics Engineering Technology at EASTERN closed its doors permanently in 2010. The electronics industry over the years has diversified to include automation and infuse programming and mechanical design to make advanced technology. This year EASTERN opened a Robotics and Automated Technology program that incorporates many of the same principles. Mr. Massey has offered to come speak to the class about his career experiences in the field once COVID restrictions are lifted.

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