Student Spotlight: Marcos Garcia, Automotive Technology

Marcos Garcia, Automotive Technology StudentEastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) is excited to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month by recognizing the achievements and contributions of Hispanic American students who have inspired others and achieved great success in their programs. We are pleased to begin by featuring Automotive Technology and Hatboro-Horsham High School senior, Marcos Garcia. At EASTERN’s June 2021 Awards Night, Marcos was honored with the Director’s Award, a prestigious award given to a junior who has displayed exemplary leadership skills and professionalism.

Marcos is pleased to be part of our National Hispanic Heritage Month celebration and is proud to be part of the EASTERN Automotive Technology program. To Marcos, celebration of his heritage means honoring the sacrifices of his ancestors, especially his grandparents who immigrated here from Mexico to provide a better life for his family. It means honoring the sacrifices of his mother, who worked two jobs while he was growing up, providing him with a good life. And it means honoring the Hispanic children that work hard to accomplish their goals.

Marcos noted that he comes from a long line of hard workers. Upon moving to the United States, Marco’s father began working in construction, and his grandmother cleaned houses. His mother was a server at two different restaurants. He credits his family, especially his mother, for showing him the value of a strong work ethic. Marcos’ love of cars began as a child. One Christmas, his father gave him a toy car, and it was his favorite gift. All through his childhood, he attended car shows with his father and uncle, which helped solidify his career goals. He knew he wanted to get his hands dirty and solve vehicle problems. Through EASTERN, Marcos is participating in a paid internship at Faulkner Infiniti of Willow Grove.

“I work hard every day to show my mom how much I appreciate everything she has done for me,” said Marcos. I am proud of my heritage and honored to be part of National Hispanic Heritage Month, and proud to represent the Automotive Technology program at EASTERN. You get as much out of the program as you put in. Nothing is handed to you. You can accomplish a great deal and actually surprise yourself if you just try. This program is set up to help youth in acquiring lifelong skills and achieving their career goals. Cars will always be around, so I believe I picked a great field.”

After graduation, Marcos plans to go right into the automotive field. He plans to spend five years working as a technician at Faulkner, and then he would like to study biodiesel to gain a broader understanding of different types of engines.

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