Student Spotlight: Karis Hudson, Veterinary Science

Karis Hudson, Veterinary Science student, graduation portraitEastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) Veterinary Science student, Karis Hudson, graduated from Hatboro-Horsham High School last week. Although an excellent student in the Veterinary Science program, Karis unexpectedly found another career path in which she is choosing to follow. In the fall, she plans to attend Pennsylvania College of Technology to pursue a degree in welding.

Karis Hudson, Veterinary Science student, cares for a dogKaris initially chose Veterinary Science because of her passion for animals. She quickly found that she excelled in the hands-on portion of the class. She also had a passion for cars and building, and during her senior year, she began to explore more of those options.

On May 15, Karis represented EASTERN at the Teen Town Hall with Congresswoman Dean and state legislators via Zoom regarding the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on education. She shared her thoughts on budget cuts and how they could affect Career and Technical Centers such as EASTERN. She noted that EASTERN maintains training equipment used in industry that can be very expensive, and she feared that this may be impacted by budget cuts.

“The Teen Town Hall was an amazing opportunity. I felt very heard and acknowledged,” said Karis. “If I could give any advice to a student interested in EASTERN, it would be to go for it one hundred percent. It is hard to make life decisions when you’re in 10th grade, so do not be discouraged if the program you choose is not what you expected or how you would like to continue in your future. The EASTERN staff is amazing and will help you get wherever you need to go, even if it is to provide you information on how to make the jump from a medical field to a trade.”

At EASTERN’s Awards Night virtual presentation on May 27, Karis was awarded the Veterinary Science Achievement and Straight A awards. She was also recognized for the gold medal she earned in the Customer Service portion of the SkillsUSA District 2 Competition.

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