EASTERN Alumni Spotlight: Joseph Motzer

Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) Automotive Technology/Hatboro-Horsham High School 2017 graduate, Joseph (Joey) Motzer, recently completed the Porsche Training Apprenticeship Program (PTAP). He was sponsored by his employer, Sloan’s Porsche of Warrington, because of his drive and ambition.

As a sophomore at Hatboro-Horsham High School, Motzer chose Automotive Technology at EASTERN simply because he thought cars were cool. As he progressed through the program during his junior and senior years of high school, he realized there was a great deal to learn in this field aside from the physical aspects of the vehicle.

“EASTERN prepared me for furthering my education by building a foundation. We covered almost all of the basics of being a technician. I could have confidently jumped into the auto industry right after EASTERN, but I wanted to continue my education and learn more about Porsche in particular,” said Motzer. “The best advice that I have to offer a student considering the Automotive Technology program is, if you keep focused and are willing to take everything the program has to offer, you can be successful. This career isn’t all oil changes and tire rotations. If you’re committed to the field, anything is possible. Also, don’t forget to wear gloves!”

The next step in his career is to achieve his Bronze Certification for Porsche, which is attained by taking a written test and a 68-page book of tasks that are required to be completed within the first year of employment as a Porsche technician. Tasks include changing tires, brakes, cooling system components, and pulling drive trains.

Automotive is a complex and technology-driven industry that is constantly changing. EASTERN’s Automotive Technology program is designed for the student who is serious about working in the automotive industry. To learn more about Automotive Technology at EASTERN, visit www.eastech.org/eastern-programs/aut/.

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