EASTERN Commercial Art Student Spotlight – Jimir Davis

Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) Commercial Art/Lower Moreland JimirDavis1High School senior, Jimir Davis, will be attending Full Sail University in the fall for their Music Production program. The education that Jimir received in EASTERN’s Commercial Art program has assisted him to personally promote his music through product packaging, design and marketing.

Jimir chose Full Sail University because he loves the warm weather, and has visited Florida often. In learning more about the graduates of the Music Production program at Full Sail, he found that they are working with the music artists that he is also interested in working with in the future. He felt as though Full Sail was a great match to help him get more experience in the music industry, and prepare him for a successful future.

Recently, one of Jimir’s original scores was selected as part of the independent documentary, KIKI, a film by Sara Jordenö and Twiggy Pucci Garcon that explores the thriving ballroom culture that provides an outlet of personal and political self-expression for at-risk LGBTQ youth-of-color. This film premiered as part of the Sundance Film Festival documentary competition. Last year, Jimir was selected as the winner of a song mixing contest held by Azealia Banks, American rapper, singer, and songwriter. To compete in this competition, Jimir created a remix of the song “Chasing Time.” Jimir’s remix can currently be found on the Japanese release of her album as a bonus track.

Jimir enrolled in the Commercial Art program at EASTERN to help enhance his artistic nature and for his love of photography. He was already using various graphic design software at home to create his own graphics and logos for his music production. He was also very interested in meeting other students that shared his common interests and goals.

“Even though I am continuing my education in music production, I have truly learned a great deal from my Commercial Art instructors, Ms. Mohrey and Mr. Steinbacher,” said Jimir. “Through the Commercial Art program, I learned composition and follow-through to a successful completion of each project. I also learned that meeting the client’s standards is extremely important in all industries, and this will help me in working with clients in the future.”

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