Alumni Spotlight: Jess Miles, Cosmetology

Jess Miles, EASTERN Cosmetology graduateEastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) 2018 Cosmetology and Abington High School alum, Jess Miles, is now enjoying a career as a full-time stylist at New Images Family Hair Care in Willow Grove. While at EASTERN, she received her Pennsylvania Cosmetology license and began an apprenticeship at a salon where she refined her skills until obtaining her current position.

Miles always had an interest in makeup and fashion. She started styling her own hair in middle school but hadn’t considered it as a career until high school – when she found herself struggling with traditional educational. Her parents suggested she consider Cosmetology at EASTERN. After visiting the program, a career in the cosmetology field became her goal.

β€œI am very grateful for my time at EASTERN,” said Miles. β€œIn addition to an incredible education in cosmetology, I learned a lot about work ethic and customer service. It gave me a foundation for a lifelong career, as well as an incredibly useful skill. To all future cosmetologists, appreciate your time at EASTERN. Ask questions, learn all you can, but don’t stop learning when you leave. In the cosmetology field, there is always a new technique to learn.”

Save thousands of dollars by taking Cosmetology in high school! This two-year program will provide the skills necessary to begin a career in the cosmetology field. In Pennsylvania, as well as other states, cosmetologists must be licensed to practice in the field. To learn more about Cosmetology at EASTERN, please visit

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