EASTERN Students Hold Dinner to Benefit H2O for Life

On February 19, 2015, Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) Culinary Art AngelaAllenCUL1students hosted a dinner at EASTERN’s Terwood Road campus to benefit an Abington High School service organization that has partnered with H2O for Life. H2O for Life provides a service-learning opportunity for schools, youth groups, and faith-based organizations to raise awareness about the water crisis while taking action to provide funds for water, sanitation and hygiene education for a partner school in a developing country. The Indian-themed meal was planned and organized by Angela Allen, an Abington High School senior and second year student in EASTERN’s Culinary Arts program.

AngelaAllenCUL2Angela planned out the authentic Indian meal and recruited her classmates to assist with the meal preparation and buffet serving. The appetizer included a green salad, braised meatballs in yogurt, and Dal served with Naan bread. The entrees included mixed vegetable curry, baked cod in a curry sauce, and chicken in a spicy tomato sauce, served with Naan and Basmati rice. The dessert was a carrot cake served with ginger ice cream.
Mary Rodgers, the Service Learning Coordinator and Advisor to H2O for Life at Abington High School, has mobilized her service-learning club to raise community awareness about the global water crisis through partnership with H2O for Life. Her students are serious about water. The student leaders have created a lesson plan to teach younger students about watersheds. Their handmade watershed demo travels with them as they educate youth groups and adults about protecting their local water and conserving water. Needless
to say, Ms. Rodgers was thrilled at the prospect of holding a fundraiser dinner at EASTERN, and was pleased with Angela’s hard work and dedication to this project.
“I wanted to do something to help,” said Angela. “Since Culinary Arts is my field of study, I wanted to be able to use my talents to help H2O for Life, and a fundraiser dinner was the perfect way to do so. I appreciate the efforts and support of my classmates and my instructors.”

Culinary Arts at EASTERN enables students to acquire a variety of skills including soup and sauce preparation, preparation of meat, fish and poultry entrees, baking, kitchen sanitation, purchasing and inventory controls.

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