Student Spotlight: Emma Massinger wins EASTERN Cares Logo Contest Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) Commercial Art/Hatboro-Horsham High School junior, Emma Massinger, created the winning design for a an EASTERN Cares logo to be displayed as a sign of hope and compassion as we enter the 2020 – 2021 school year this fall. In June, EASTERN’s Commercial Art students were invited by their instructor to submit their logo sketches, and a school-wide staff and faculty poll was conducted. Her design will be displayed on all of EASTERN’s back to school signage throughout the building.EASTERN Cares Logo

Emma chose Commercial Art at EASTERN because she had always had a passion for art. After visiting EASTERN during her sophomore year of high school, and meeting Nicole Mohrey, EASTERN’s Commercial Art Instructor, she knew that the Commercial Art program would give her the knowledge necessary to make a career out of what she enjoys. Learning from home for the last three months of school was difficult, but Emma made the best of the situation and remained an active and successful student.

In June, she was excited about the opportunity to submit a design for the EASTERN Cares logo competition. While developing her design, she wanted to emphasize both EASTERN’s pathway logo and include a heart to show how EASTERN cares about and supports its students and staff.

“I am very proud of Emma’s hard work and dedication throughout the school year and through distance learning.” said Nicole Mohrey, EASTERN’s Commercial Art Instructor. “I am so pleased that she took advantage of this opportunity to design something so important to our school. Emma was the only one to include the EASTERN pathway in her design, which led to a great final logo.”

When Emma graduates from EASTERN and Hatboro-Horsham High School in 2021, she would like to focus on marketing and social media in college. Currently she is considering Temple University’s Tyler School of Art.

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