Elmwood Park Zoo Visits EASTERN’s Veterinary Science

Elmwood Park Zoo representatives visited the Eastern Center for Arts and Technology Boa constrictor from Elmwood Zoo(EASTERN) Veterinary Science program on October 26, 2016 during the morning and afternoon sessions. Students had the opportunity to see and learn more about red-tailed hawks, striped skunks, and could even touch a six-foot boa constrictor snake.

According to Elmwood Park Zoo, red-tailed hawks live in coniferous and deciduous forests as well as tropical forests. They also inhabit open areas such as swamps, deserts, tundra, plains and agricultural fields. Skunks are very adaptable creatures that can live in a variety of habitats including mixed woods and brush land. The boa constrictor snake is native to the tropical forests of Central and South America. They prefer warm, humid environments. As a capable swimmer, they are also found along rivers and streams.

Red tailed hawk from Elmwood ZooEASTERN Veterinary Science Instructor, Katie Smith, was interested in her students learning about a wide variety of animals. Knowing that Elmwood Park Zoo offered a wide selection of educational programs that they could bring in to the classroom, she contacted them about providing live animals, touchable artifacts and a 50-minute program for her students.

“This presentation offered my students information on animals that they would not Striped skunk from Elmwood Zoonormally see and opened their eyes to the various careers available at zoos such as animal training and handling,” said Katie Smith, EASTERN’s Veterinary Science Instructor. “The animal care industry is vast and there is a need for many different skill sets.”

Veterinary Science at EASTERN provides the opportunity to pursue a career in the animal care industry. In this two-year half-day program, students will learn to support veterinarians by aiding during animal examinations; treatment administration and monitoring; managing animal and related health record information; and how to perform a range of selected practice-related duties.

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