Identifying EASTERN’s Culture and Values

Developed as part of EASTERN’s Strategic Plan initiative regarding Leadership Succession, the E-Board clearly identifies EASTERN’s culture and values. It provides EASTERN’s mission statement, and details what we believe, measure, and do. It was designed as continuity planning for the succession of leadership and culture. The E-Board documents EASTERN’s existing culture with particular emphasis on the role of EASTERN’s formal and informal leadership.

The MissionĀ of EASTERN, a leader in technology and in developing innovative, responsive programs, is to equip all students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to select, enter and succeed in a career and to anticipate and adapt to change by providing high-quality technical instruction and specialized services.

EASTERN's E-Board tells you about who we are and what we do.

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What We Believe

  • Student success is the ultimate purpose of everything that happens in the school.
  • Meaningful improvement in every aspect of the school is always identifiable and achievable.
  • Every member of the school community sets high expectations in every endeavor, individual or collective.
  • Effective decision-making must actively involve all of the school’s constituencies, and depends on access to and use of enough of the right kinds of data.

What We Measure

  • Student Performance
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Staff Development
  • Program Currency
  • Organizational Efficiency

What We Do

  • We conduct a systematic, strategic review of each program in the school, through the occupational advisory committees, not less than once every five years.
  • We insure that students enroll for the right reason and in the programs that are right for them.
  • We provide students with a warranty to assure employers that the students have successfully acquired the knowledge and skills needed for specific jobs and occupations.
  • We actively seek, listen to, and act on the view of the business community.
  • We work with leaders of the participating school districts to develop a sense of common ownership of the school and a common sense of the school’s value.
  • We value the staff of the school both as members of the school’s learning community and as participants in the school’s decision making processes.
  • We offer programs that address the needs of life-long learning.
  • We charge our leaders with learning, leading, transmitting and building the organization’s culture.