EASTERN Supports the Pajama Program

Ferne Andre, EASTERN Student Success Coordinator; Cheryl Gill, Bethanna Executive Policy Director; and Amy Shields, EASTERN Organizational Advancement Director.

The Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) faculty and staff members held a pajama and book drive throughout the months of November and December to benefit the Pajama Program. They collected 54 pairs of pajamas and 28 books to benefit children in need during the winter season. EASTERN extends a huge debt of gratitude to its generous staff, instructors, administration and to a local anonymous supporter who made a substantial donation to this effort.

The Pajama Program collection has been a holiday tradition at EASTERN for many years, beginning with the efforts of Ellen Ainge, who retired in 2010. The collection has continued due to the overwhelming response of staff and instructors.

Ferne Andre, EASTERN Student Success Coordinator; Karen Hamilton-Derry, Bethanna, President and Chief Executive Officer; and Amy Shields, EASTERN Organizational Advancement Director.

The Pajama Program, a 501(c)(3) organization, provides comfort and love in the way of new pajamas and new books to children in need, many waiting and hoping to be adopted. Snuggling up in new, warm pajamas with their very own book to read gives lonely children a secure and nurturing bedtime environment. The Pajama Program depends on the support of volunteers, supporters, event hosts, pajama drive sponsors, and of course,
donations of cozy new pajamas and new children’s books.

“Our staff is extremely dedicated to this effort each year,” said Tom Allen, EASTERN’s Executive Director. “The collection has become a wonderful tradition here at EASTERN. Working with students each day while watching them grow and learn keeps our faculty and staff focused on their well-being. The Pajama Program is an outstanding organization that we are proud to support – as they support local children in need.”

On December 15, Ferne Andre, EASTERN Student Success Coordinator, and Amy Shields, EASTERN’s Organizational Advancement Director, delivered the pajamas and books to the local Pajama Program drop-off center, Bethanna, a Christian services organization for children and their families.

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