Why do students choose to attend EASTERN?

  • Students choose to attend programs at EASTERN as part of their high school program of study, earning credits toward graduation.
  • EASTERN provides students the opportunity to reinforce their career choice, get ready for employment and get a head start in collegiate studies in their chosen field.


What kind of programs does EASTERN offer?

  • Secondary career programs: Two year programs offered primarily to students in grade 11 and 12 for two hours and forty-five minutes each day, from 7:45 – 10:30 am or 12:00 – 2:45 pm.
  • Adult and Continuing Education programs: Full and part time tuition-supported Practical Nursing Program and a variety of Continuing Education Programs primarily offered during evening hours.


How attending EASTERN affect my high school schedule?

  • Courses taken at EASTERN are a part of the participating school schedule. Students anticipating attending EASTERN should communicate this to their high school guidance counselor as soon as possible so that academic courses can be scheduled appropriately.
  • Students who attend EASTERN have access to extra curricular school activities at their high school as well as EASTERN.


What does it cost to attend EASTERN?

  • There are no tuition costs to the student for attending EASTERN career and technical programs.
  • However, costs may be incurred by the student for required uniforms, tools, certification exams, etc. depending on their program.


How do I get to EASTERN from my school?

  • Participating school districts are responsible for providing transportation of students to and from EASTERN.


What about state of the art resources?

  • EASTERN’s expanded learning opportunities are an instructional method in which curricular experiences are provided for students through the use of external resources which could be human, facilities, equipment, or any other tangible external form of support.
  • Instructional experiences could take place at EASTERN or off-site and may be conducted outside of the normal school day.


Does EASTERN have articulation agreements?

  • EASTERN is constantly communicating with various post-secondary institutions in an attempt to articulate our technical programs with college level programs.
  • EASTERN students may qualify for up to 9 free college credits through Perkins state-wide articulation agreements! Click here to view all state-wide articulation agreements.