Automotive Technology Instructor

Meet Mr. Stahl – Automotive Technology Instructor
George Stahl, Automotive Technology Instructor

Mr. George Stahl is the Automotive Technology Instructor. He graduated in 1975 from Shikellamy High School in Sunbury, PA and SUN Area Vocational School in New Berlin, where he was enrolled in the Electrical Occupations program. Although he enjoyed many successful years in the trade, cars were his true passion.He moved to the Philadelphia area in 1982 and secured a job at Reedman Corporations in Langhorne as an alternator and starter rebuilder. He seized the opportunity to move up as a heavy duty mechanic, and attended every seminar and factory class available. In 1986, he became an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified Master Technician. He worked for Reedman Corporation for 22 years and a small private garage for two years. He has been a volunteer firefighter in Bucks County since 1982.

He previously worked as the Instructor’s Aide in EASTERN’s Automotive Technology program beginning in August 2006. He attained his Occupational Competency Assessment (OCA) in Automotive Technology from Temple University in 2008. He also holds an Associate’s degree in Fire Science from Bucks County Community College. Mr. Stahl holds certifications for: ASE L1 Advanced Engine Performance Certification, Mobile Air Conditioning Service (MACS), and Air Conditioning Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling Certification. He also hold licensure for as a Pennsylvania Safety Mechanic, Emission Inspection Mechanic, and Emission Repair Technician.