EASTERN Alumni Spotlight: Dante Newman, Protective Services

Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) 2016 Protective Services and Upper Moreland High School alumni, Dante Newman, is a volunteer firefighter for the Willow Grove Fire Company – Engine 10. He returned to EASTERN on January 10 to assist EASTERN’s Protective Services Instructor, Mark Zaslavsky, with a lesson regarding proper ladder safety and carrying techniques used in firefighting.

Newman has been a volunteer member of the Willow Grove Fire Company since he was 16 years old. Now 21, he is still passionate about the field. As a sophomore in high school, he found out about the Protective Services program at EASTERN, and knew that would help him improve his skills and learn more about the field.

Newman wanted to give back to EASTERN, so he reached out to the Protective Services instructor to see if he could assist with the firefighting portion of the curriculum. Ladder carrying techniques are required for firefighters to learn and follow because time and safety are the highest priorities in emergency situations.

“The Protective Services program gave me more confidence in my career choice,” said Newman. “You learn about several career fields in one class – firefighting, police and EMT. It is a great opportunity to learn and experience real-world scenarios while in high school.”

Protective Services is a multi-disciplined program developed in consultation with a countywide advisory committee of law enforcement, fire science, security professionals and post-secondary institutions. Detailed instruction is provided on leadership, criminal, motor vehicle crash and fire investigation, first responders, security systems, terrorism, firefighting, hazardous materials and emergency communications.

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