Staff Directory

EASTERN’s main telephone number is 215-784-4800.


Name Title Extension E-mail Address
Cathleen Plesnarski Executive Director 140
Ferne Andre Student Success Coordinator 314
Rebecca Ashworth Student Success Coordinator 316
Kathleen Bradley Practical Nursing Admissions Recruiter 454
Anne Marie Brahan Administrative Assistant for Continuing Education 202
School Improvement Coordinator 315
Meghan Cicchino Welding Technology Instructor 263
Eileen Collins Administrative Assistant to the Supervisor CTE 117
Erin Derby Business and Technology Professional Instructor 273
Carol Duell Practical Nursing Program Coordinator 452
Jon Esposito Practical Nursing Instructor 456
Gary Felmey Electrical Technology Instructor 267
Marie Festa Allied Health Instructor 277
Fred Fox Facilities Manager 224
Terese Fusco Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Director 110
Liam Gallagher Accountant 144
Louis Geld Technology Manager 221
Hayley Granacher School-to-Career Coordinator 368
Joseph Greb Assistant Director 110
Denise Grobelny PN Part-time Program Coordinator 456
Elena Hays Student Learning Center Aide 118
Lorraine Ingersoll Administrative Assistant for Practical Nursing Admissions 451
Brian Jacoby Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Instructor 377
Kathleen Kane Administrative Assistant for Attendance 116
Kenneth King Interim Business Manager 243
Allison Latzo Allied Health Instructor 266
Christine Ledwith School Nurse 450
Wendy Leyden Cosmetology Instructor 265
Janine Lipinski Practical Nursing Instructor 456
Cheryl Magee PN Part-time Program Coordinator 345
Linda McAlpine Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director 140
Mary McDonnell Administrative Assistant to the Practical Nursing Coordinator 452
Karen McGeehan Veterinary Science Instructor 290
Marta Mecray Accounts Payable Specialist 143
Amy Mednick Cosmetology Instructor 264
Nicole Mohrey Commercial Art Instructor 275
Debra O’Brien Administrative Assistant to the Business Manager 142
Jeffrey Pakula Construction Technology Instructor 276
Steven Parke Collision Repair Instructor 261
Christopher Passante Robotics and Automated Technology Instructor 272
Victoria Penecale Automotive/Collision Repair Instructional Aide 362
Michael Refsnider Networking and Cybersecurity 270
Gerry Rooney Supervisor of Career-Technical Education 117
Cori Sansalone Student Success Aide 102
Joni Seth IT Support Specialist 274
Amy Shields Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator 206
Gregory Shields Math Integration Aide 220
Trisha Simmler-Totaro Commercial Art Instructional Aide 375
Michele Smink Assistant to the Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator 113
George Stahl Automotive Technology Instructor 262
Veronica Stanley Student Success Coordinator 313
Cheryl Steacker Long-term Substitute, Culinary Arts 568
Nicole Suanlarm Culinary Arts Aide 568
Leon Thurlow Continuing Education Coordinator 312
Windy Viernes Practical Nursing Instructor 266
Benjamin Vozzo Culinary Arts Instructor 268
Doug Wilson Student Success Aide 103
Janet Wuagon Human Resources Coordinator 141
Charles Zachmann Culinary Arts Instructor 268
Mark Zaslavsky Protective Services Instructor 363
Michele Zimmerman Part-time Administrative Assistant 111