Computer Art and Digital Photography Program Brings Dead to Life

CADP1The Summer Fun, Computer Art and Digital Photography class at Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) in Willow Grove has completed their summer session. The three week program ran from June 29 to July 17. Last week the Computer Art and Digital Photography students digitally illustrated themselves as zombies. Once they were done creating these images, they digitally illustrated famous people as zombies using Adobe Illustrator. These images are being displayed on the billboard outside of their classroom. When faculty and staff walk by, they are thrown into a different universe. Scared to approach the classroom, they cower in fear and walk away. They do not want to be eaten or worse, turned into a zombie.

The students completed a lot of creative projects including: photographing portraits, photographing special effects, painting with light, and photographing the elements of design. CADP2

The Computer Art and Digital Photography Summer Fun class at EASTERN is very popular. Computer Art and Digital Photography student, Dalyce Hairston, said, “Mr. Steinbacher is a great teacher. He is very funny, but can be serious. I have learned a lot and I am already looking forward to next year.”

Mr. Steinbacher, the Summer Fun Computer Art and Digital Photography Instructor and the Instructional Aide for the High School Commercial Art Program, is a graduate of EASTERN. He has been working at EASTERN for 20 years and has been teaching the Summer Fun program for 22 years.

Through EASTERN’s Summer Fun program, students get the opportunity to work with the latest technologies while having fun and learning new things. EASTERN has been offering this summer enrichment opportunity for middle school students for more than 25 years. Other programs offered include: Auto Mechanics & Collision Repair, Pastry Boss, Junior Chef, Crime Scene Investigation, Drawing and Painting, Looking Good, and Video Game Programming.

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