College Credit Agreement with Pennco Technical Institute

Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) Automotive Technology, Electrical Technology, and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning students can benefit from a new partnership with Pennco Technical Institute (Pennco Tech). This agreement creates a systematic and seamless process in which students can move from high school to Pennco Tech without having to duplicate efforts or repeat courses in their degreed programs.

EASTERN students in all three programs are able to apply for Pennco Tech’s Imagine America Scholarship of $1,000.00 above and beyond the tuition reductions for their program. With this agreement, EASTERN students will have their first term of Pennco Tech’s Auto Tech Degree (AST) program awarded as advance standing, which is 10 weeks of the 60-week program, which is a tuition reduction of just over $5,000. For the HVAC&R program, which is 40 weeks, 4 Terms, at 10 weeks each, EASTERN students will get advance standing for the first 10 weeks, which is approximately $5,500 in tuition savings. In the Electrician Program, which is 30 weeks, 3 terms, at 10 weeks each, EASTERN students will receive advance standing for the first 10 weeks and $5,900 in tuition savings.

“This partnership equates to great savings to our students,” said Hayley Granacher, EASTERN’s School-to-Career Coordinator. “Pennco Tech’s programs are highly-rated and are a great next step in obtaining the skills needed for a successful career in the skilled trades. We hope that many of our Automotive Technology, Electrical Technology, and HVAC students take advantage of this college credit opportunity.”

Since 1973, Pennco Tech has been helping people formulate a solid plan, then supplying the career training programs and employer connections needed to accomplish that plan. Pennco Tech has a long history of being the steppingstone people use to turn their dreams into reality. Pennco Tech and Mazda North America teamed together to allow graduates to earn their degree from Pennco Tech and be on their way to being a Senior Tech with Mazda. Pennco Tech is one of only three schools in the northeast that have this partnership with Mazda. For more information on Pennco Tech, please visit

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