EASTERN Student Spotlight: Cassie Lynch, Veterinary Science

Cassie Lynch, Veterinary Science student.Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) Veterinary Science / Jenkintown High School  junior, Cassie Lynch, is getting a head start on her education in the large animal veterinary field while still in high school.

Cassie has been an avid competitive horseback rider for the past four years. This exposed her to large animals and helped her determine that this is where her future career lies. While in middle school, Cassie attended EASTERN’s Summer Fun World of Construction program. She heard about the Veterinary Science program at EASTERN through Jenkintown High School and from her uncle, who is EASTERN’s Electrical Technology Occupational Advisory Committee Chairperson.

Cassie is a member of the bowling team at Jenkintown High School, studies Taekwondo and volunteers once a week at Special Equestrians Therapeutic Riding Center. Currently, Cassie is looking at various postsecondary programs in Equine studies and veterinary sciences at schools such as Colorado State University, Delaware Valley University, Clemson University, Auburn University and Alfred University.

She was recently recognized with the Widener University Leadership Award. The faculty and staff of Jenkintown High School nominate one junior out of the entire class to get the award. This award is designed to recognize high school students in the region, like Cassie, who embody the university’s commitment to develop and inspire leaders to affect positive change. With this award, the Widener University High School Leadership Awards Committee recognizes Cassie’s ability to demonstrate courage by standing up for what is right, finding a way to address a wrong, or making a difference in a significant way.

“Come visit EASTERN and if you are interested in a program – go for it. This is an amazing experience that will benefit you by preparing you for college or a career,” said Cassie.

Veterinary Science provides the opportunity to pursue a career in the animal care industry. In this two-year half-day program, students will learn to support veterinarians by aiding during animal examinations; treatment administration and monitoring; managing animal and related health record information; and how to perform a range of selected practice-related duties.

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