Student Spotlight: Electrical Technology Student, Brooke Scott

Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) Electrical Technology/Cheltenham High School senior, Brooke Scott, is working toward her career in electrical engineering Felmey-Scottwhile still in high school. She hopes to soon begin an apprenticeship/internship to provide her with more on-the-job experience in the electrical field.

With many family members in the electrical industry, she knew that she wanted to pursue a career in the electrical field. As a junior at Cheltenham High School, she considered joining EASTERN’s Construction Technology program until she learned more about the Electrical Technology program offering, which fell more in-line with her career path.

“I want to be in the electrical field. Regardless of your gender, you just need to choose the program you want, and do the work. I am known as ‘the girl’ in my class who works hard and gets things done,” said Brooke. “If you are interested in the electrical field, give this program a try.”

In such a rapidly changing industry, Brooke understands the value of continuous education and wants to become an expert in the electrical field. After graduation from EASTERN and Cheltenham High School, she plans to attend Shippensburg University for two years and then matriculate to Drexel University to complete her degree in electrical engineering.

Electrical Technology at EASTERN is a multi-faceted program that teaches the basics of electricity as well as residential and commercial wiring, data cabling and basic fiber optic installation. With higher education this program prepares the student for success in such career fields as residential or commercial electrician, electrical engineering, teaching, computer systems engineering, communications engineering and development.

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