Alumni Spotlight: Angela Allen, Culinary Arts

Albert-Allen-GranacherEastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) 2015 Culinary Arts/Abington High School graduate, Angela Allen, is in her first semester at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. She is pursuing her associate degree in culinary arts, and her bachelor’s degree in culinary nutrition.

Angela moved to Abington from Philadelphia in 2007. As she was adapting to being the new girl in school, she spent a lot of time with her mom learning how to cook and bake. During that time, she found herself constantly striving to improve upon recipes that she and her mom were already using. In 10th grade, Angela toured EASTERN, and it was the first time she had seen someone wearing the white chef uniform, aside from watching cooking shows. She realized that the EASTERN Culinary Arts program is not only a cooking and baking class, but a professional development program.

“Through the Culinary Arts program, my knowledge and interest in the food industry developed more and more,” said Angela. “It has given me a head start on my college program. At Johnson & Wales University, we all learn from each other – some students took a career and tech high school program in culinary, and some worked in the food industry while in high school. As opposed to traditional high school, this is a hands-on experience. EASTERN is not the easy way out of high school. It gives you a taste of the real world and helps determine what career best suits you. Through EASTERN, I was able
to research the many career options in the culinary field. Through EASTERN’S notable reputation, I was able to network and gain work experience from functions held at EASTERN, and functions that were held off-site. To anyone who is thinking about coming to EASTERN — take the opportunity and do it. Not only does it open that door to your career field, it develops you into a professional while gaining real world work experience.”

Angela chose Johnson & Wales University because she wanted educational diversity. In her program, she is also required to take math, science, and English requirements. She wanted the full college experience, as well as the culinary aspect.

After graduating from Johnson & Wales University, Angela is interested in becoming a nutritionist or dietitian, focusing on healthy eating habits. She would also like to develop convenient and healthy meals options.

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