Alumni Spotlight – Teresa Lesenko

TeresaLesenkoTeresa Lesenko, a 2011 Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) Commercial Art and Archbishop Wood graduate, is currently in her final semester of completing a Bachelor of Arts in Photography at Curtin University of Western Australia, an intense three-year program. She is also employed as a photographer at a well-known, high-end professional studio franchise in Perth, Western
Australia called Viva! Life Photography.

As a sophomore in high school a friend of Teresa’s told her how much she loved Commercial Art at EASTERN and showed Teresa the portfolio she had built there. This prompted Teresa to visit EASTERN’s Open House to learn more.

At Curtin University of Western Australia, Teresa is receiving extensive training in multiple areas of photography. One of her core units is specifically based on conceptual and technical areas of photography. Each semester she increases her skill-set in multiple areas such as studio, landscape,
commercial, product, portraiture, and architecture. The other core unit focuses on building her portfolio and ensuring that she professionally showcases her work, through which she has published her own book and magazine spread. Each semester she chooses to take an elective that will strengthen her employability, such as Graphic Design, and a required internship in order to gain work experience.

“Working in the field before graduating is a major accomplishment and it all started with EASTERN providing me with the skills to get me to where I am today,” said Teresa. “While attending EASTERN, my Photography Instructor, Mr. Steinbacher, assisted me in obtaining a job with a wedding photographer. It is that very experience, along with my past studies, that resulted in me receiving my current job position over other applicants. Commercial Art at EASTERN is the start to opening doors to your future. Even if you are not certain of what you want to do now, this program will set you up for numerous professional careers. The skills you learn here are guaranteed to not only prepare you for your career, but will put you ahead of your competition in the industry.”

After Teresa graduates from college, she plans to attain permanent residency in Australia. She hopes to work full time at Viva! Life Photography and travel throughout Australia capturing its beauty. In the next few years her goal is to build up the knowledge and experience to personally operate one of the ten Viva! Life Photography studios.

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