EASTERN Alumni Spotlight: Alex Bermudez, Welding Technology

Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) 2018 Welding Technology/Upper Moreland High School alum, Alex Bermudez, is proudly serving in the U.S. Navy as a Hull Maintenance Technician Fireman Recruit (HTFR). Over the next two months, he will continue a basic engineering course in Great Lakes, Illinois. As he completes the class, he will then be given his orders. He was able to take a brief leave over the holidays in which he visited EASTERN and spoke to the current Welding Technology class about his experiences in the Navy.

After visiting EASTERN as a sophomore in high school, he chose the Welding Technology program because of the hands-on nature of the trade and the promising career prospects for welders in the military. HTFR Bermudez had a strong interest in the military. His brother serves in the Marine Corp. He chose the Navy because he wanted to choose a different path, and because he knew that there was a great need for welders. He is currently enlisted for a five-year contract but is considering making the Navy a career. He plans to take advantage of the military tuition assistance to start an online postsecondary program in engineering once he knows where he will be stationed.

During his time at EASTERN, HTFR Bermudez was known as a leader in the class and excelled in his Welding Technology class. During his senior year, he taught instructors from other programs and staff members how to do a basic weld. He credits his EASTERN Welding Technology Instructor, Meghan Cicchino, with giving him confidence in his trade and encouraging him to learn through teaching.

“Mrs. Cicchino put her trust in me. She helped to shape my welding abilities and taught me to help my peers and guide them when they run into an issue,” said HTFR Bermudez. “A lesson I learned that I also use in the Navy is to put others first.”

Welding Technology at EASTERN is designed for the student who is interested in the industrial engineering field. Students will learn about the properties of different types of metals and how to join them using state-of-the-art welding equipment. For more information on Welding Technology, please visit www.eastech.org/eastern-programs/wld.

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